How to Hang a Bell

Cupola Bell Many of our bells come with supporting brackets, as shown at left. These are secured in towers and rung by pulling a bell rope attached to the vertical bracket shown on the left of the bell. Note that the support bracket is open at the top, which means this can not be suspended from a beam above it.

Bell with custom wheel
Pillow Block Bearing

Above is a bell equipped with a new pillow block roller bearing, shown from the side. This bell is mounted onto a pair of beams on either side of the bell, and rung by means of the large iron circle shown surrounding the bell.

On the left is a bell suspended from a vertical beam.

If you buy a bell without support hardware, you can suspend it using an eyebolt, as shown on the left. Make sure you use a very heavy-duty eyebolt set for this.

The simplest means of hanging a bell is to just bolt it to a beam as shown at the left. As this is a stationary mounted bell,rope line goes to eye in clapper ball to ring bell.

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