Here is a guide to finding the bell you need.
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About our sizes:
Our largest bells, 27" and up - Look on the Church Bells page
Our medium Bells, 17-26" - Look on the Cupola and Mission Bells pages.
16" or less - Look on the Railroad Bells, Ships Bells and Fire Bells pages.
The sizes given are the diameter of just the bell, not including mountings, etc. We now include sound files so you can get an idea of what each bell sounds like.

Large Church Bells

Large Church Bells

These are available complete and restored as shown above, or with just mounting yoke, or just a plain bell, as below. Also available in as-is condition or cleaned up and restored, as below.

Church bell with yoke
With Yoke
Bare Church bell
Bare Bell
Bell in as-is condition
Restored bell

Various Bells in "As Is" condition

Bells in "As Is" condition

Medium Bells: Cast Iron, Cupola, and Mission Bells

Marc Brosamer with a load of bells
We have also have the countries largest inventory of cast iron bells for sale, some of which you see above. We have bells in sets, or available complete with mountings or just plain, as below. You can click on these bells for more info.

Cast iron bell
Cast Iron
Cupola bell in mounting
Bare mission bell
Plain Mission

Smaller Bells:
Ships, Misc., Salesroom, Memorial, Railroad, Hand

Salesroom bells

We have new small bells for all occasions. The Bells above range in price starting at $24. We also have antique and historic ships bells, Railroad Bells, Fire Bells and Gongs. Memorial Bells starting at $179.

Go to the Ships Bell page
Antique Ships Bell
Go to the Railroad Bells page
Railroad Bell
Go to the Memorial Bell Page
Memorial Bells
Fire Bells
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