Post Bells

Cast Iron Post Bells

Pictured above: Post Mount Bell, Post Hanging Bell

Made in the USA - These quality cast iron Farm Dinner Bells are the most versatile, low-priced bells we offer.

They mount with 1 bolt, and may hang as shown or rotated to site atop a post. They are cast in the USA from the original old patterns, and have a powder coated finish, not painted. They come in only one size, not to big and not too small. If an Antique iron bell is what you need, we have them in from time to time.

Post bells can also be used indoors: you can mount a bell of this type by hanging it from a post attached to a ceiling beam. We sell a 14" bell in this configuration.

P65 An example of a swinging brass post bell (P56), mounted outside

Click here to hear this bell Click to hear this bell

P57 An example of another sort of stationary post bell (P57), mounted indoors

We now have PARTS for most post bells; we can sell you just the bell and clapper if you do not need a swinging bell.

Part # Bell Size Total Size Weight Price shipping &
Hear the bell
PostMount 14" 24" x 20" 53 lbs. $339.00 $44.00 Click here to hear this bellClick, hear (53K)
PostHanging 14" 24" x 20" 53 lbs. $339.00 $44.00 Click here to hear this bellClick, hear (53K)


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